Your [Telly] Night Watch (For The Threads Are Dark And Full Of Spoilers!)

Catman finger family.

More powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet.

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Power me up, catman.

Currently watching the season 4 episode The Junior Mint

I like the bit where Jerry thinks the woman’s name is “Mulva”

is her name vulva? I have no clue what show that is, sounds strongly british




questioning pantsu’s ignorance and stupidity


Now watching The Smelly Car

I like the bit where the weird bloke tells Elaine what he’s going to do to remove the smell from her hair right after the carwash bloke tells Jerry what he’ll do to remove the smell from the car.

oh oOOOH!!!




(also, mfw the woman is in the defective wheelchair)

I remember watching Bleach and her Orihime’s milkers. Plus Orihime and Sado OTP.

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watched Annihilation last night, pretty interesting and overall good, but not the OMG people made it out to be. but then again, I dont lose my shit because a movie is primarily cast woomins or peepoole of colour. (a conversation for another time)

it had a somewhat ambiguous/open end which I always enjoy (if done well), the acting was ok, the pacing was good, the visuals were very good, and the concept of the alien invasion was a bit different than the usual stuff, so that was nice. had a bit of a shoehorned 2001 Space Odyssey feel in the last act but again, done well enough to be engaging.

recommend, yes, but you’re not missing much if you dont watch it right away.

The Mist (show)

always liked the movie so thought of giving it a shot, so far not bad, but relying on a few cliched charas and ideas, but at the same time expanding a bit on the chara development and the mist setting. am halfway thru so we’ll wee how it goes.

The Mist was meh, ended in a bit of a cliffhanger but it seems there will be no more seasons so am not disappoint.

The milf in it is also in Vikings and she does full nood, so now am watching Vikings. it also reminded me of Valhalla Rising, which I’d tots forgotten about but it was a fine movie and wanna watch again.

For now Vikings will keep me entertained until March, when I’ll rewatch Game Of Thrones in prep for season 8

LMFAO!! watching hoarders while I clean (cuz that’s how I motivate myself)

this one hoarder is having his house cleaned up by his sisters and mom, and as with all hoarders there’s a room or pile he dont want disturbed. Turns out he had a huge stash of porn, wigs, women’s clothes and a ton of S&M stuff and dildos. One of his like -well no shit he didnt want us here lol- the other had a meltdown and is crying cuz brother is a fag and a hoarder. I suspect she also jelly he had better dildos and shoes than her.

What’s the one with the Japanese chick that asks what is important for you?

no, here the therapist are a blonde lady and/or a partly-gay-looking guy with glasses and black hair, but they also ask shit like that

90% of hoarders are morbidly obese and/or old fucks

all however, are pathetic fuckwads who are not dealing with issues and are a waste of oxygen. the worst are the ones that were ready and made the purge easy, but waited until someone intervened and made them/gave them the push. I hate people like that the most in general

if you kwo what to do and want to do it, fucking do it, if you’re waiting for someone to push you or do it for you , you are a waste

Pantsuu, being a positive role-model? What time line is this? They should just give pantsu a cleaning show called “Beaner Cleaners”. It’d be great!

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