Your [Telly] Night Watch (For The Threads Are Dark And Full Of Spoilers!)


Since we have an anime and a movie thread, is only fitting we keep things tidy and compartmentalized, so dump all your telly shitposting and discussing here

I’m watching Designated Survivor right meow, gonna watch ep5 before I go to bed. So far pretty good, more political and less actiony than I hoped, but then I feel they’re pacing themselves and they’re keeping the story engaging.

I never watched 24 before, so didn’t have that Jack Bauer anticipation, which I feel is helping me. Also dang had totally forgotten how qt Maggie Q is.

In any case, so far I do recommend if you like political dramas with some underlying treason and terrorism thrown in for added flavor.

As a side convo, did anyone watch AHS Apocalypse? now that is finished I wanna catch it but Cult was abysmally lame that am not sure I really wanna try Apocalypse. So I’d like opinions

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I watched Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House~
It was an okay adaptation, imo. They changed the whole story, and just kept the scary place, but it’s still way better than the 1999 train wreck >.<

By the end it seemed to be trying too hard, so it got less scary >з<

But I still liked the 1963 version a bit more, even though it wasn’t perfect(because I really liked the book~)

It didn’t seem that interesting, so I didn’t watch it >.< (I didn’t watch Cult for the same reason)

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lol I remember the THoHH in 99, the Marilyn Manson soundtrack was the only good thing about it

As for Cult it was a huge letdown because of all the ways it could’ve gone, and all the cult stuff they could’ve used, they just rushed it and made it about the elections, which was so fucking in the nose and preachy and dumb. In an odd way I’m hoping the upcoming Tarantino movie about the Manson murders makes up for it. I know they’re not related but Cult did have a vague connection with Manson in an ep or two. The only good thing in Cult was the Valerie Solanas arc

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Rewatching Frasier again.

Good show.


i feel like you post about rewatching that every 6 months

I think it’s more like every year

I’ll forever find it too moe that a birttion like kudi loves fraiser and king of the hill

you ever watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I’ve seen the first five or six seasons.

I should start watching it again…

that show never caught my eye, also danny devito lost his appeal to me after Twins

also I decided to drop the walking dead, after how long and pointless and dragged season 7 was, I couldn’t go on season 8, and seeing how they didnt kill Negan, but they killed Carl, and now fucking Rick left the show… to make a trilogy of movies based on this character

yeah, fuck that

I played the Walking Dead game (the Telltale VN), but I never watched the show. Or any vampire shows for that example. They’re boring.

If I wanted to watch a show about aggressive humanoid creatures who you can’t communicate with and who destroy civilisation and gradually replace a country’s population starting with the inner city areas and spreading outwards, I’d watch a show about Islam lmfao


walking dead started out great because it was more about the human element in a zed apocalypse, the characters were interesting and varied in a non-pushy non-sjw way

and then by season 5 everything got boring, introducing more and more characters and grops and subplots and now there’s not real plot in sight.

in season one they introduced a plot element on how everyone is already infected, it just takes for you to die to become a zed unless your head gets destroyed, and then that has not been explored since. so is everyone gonna die? is humanity evolving into zeds? is there a cure? fuck who knows

i thought it got boring at like season 3

it started lagging there but then the governor came in and things got interesting, and then they starting dragging that shit too and around that everything started getting gay

Teen Titans GO! is amazing and I love it and anyone who disagrees is an idiot and has shit for a heart.

It is a self parody and meant to be silly and dumb, and focuses on the down time superheroes inevitably have, and tackles it in an absurd way.

How can you say you like Nichijou or Pani Poni Dash or Asobi Asobase and not like Teen Titans GO!?

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Teen Titans GO to the Polls!

Maggie Q is way qter than Lucy Liu, and should’ve gotten her fame instead.

Also I want Maggie Q to physically restrain and choke me while she sexually abuses me.

I am enjoying Designated Survivor a lot :3

Catman pls stop. Too cringe.

Hillary, Hillary,
Yes papa?
Deleting emails?
No papa.
Telling lies?
No papa.
Open your mouth.
Ha ha ha!