Your Day Thread - How was your day?



You shower with the curtain open!? Lewd!


oh no no! goodness no, what kind of harlot you take me for! I meant the nudity of when I get into and out of the shower

also showering with no curtain/curtain open would make a mess of things


not a pug

well at least i got an upgrade


it was about time you let your hair down imo, looks dashing


I ended the gofundme, thank you for not doxxing or swating me or being assholes about it


tfw you have 3 purring kitties on your lap tumblr_pn0zt18hTA1xnm1a0o1_250


What is this Shin-chan shit?


Kittens are little furry balls of happiness.


Tell that to your cat.


for a while I’ve wanted squirt bottles for my condiments, but the nice one online were too expensive, and the shitty ones from dollar store were… well, shitty

so I’ve been saving my ketchup bottles, cleaned them and got some cute tags for them.

next jars will be for mustard and ranch >:3


Hola, soy salsa…


Salsa Sriracha, pls use the whole name when meeting someone


i read “salsa” as “sansa” >.<


I’d much rather eat Arya :3c


You talking shit about Shin-chan, brah?


wait why are you keep sriracha in a ketchup bottle why not keep it in the bottle it came in

also soy in a ketchup bottle :thinking:


Because I want uniformity and aesthetically pleasing bottles that are equally easy to squeeze.

OCD helps being creative I guess

And I cleaned them before refilling them ya dumb dog.


Very cute.


As a concierge security guy, I work at multiple sites. One of these sites has a new supervisor. Jesus fucking Christ does she take her job way too seriously in areas that don’t need to be.


Supervisors be like that huh?

Anyway, I got my dental fillings done today. So now I’m done and won’t have to come back. Until I schedule another cleaning.