Your Day Thread - How was your day?



meanwhile, in Mexico

the only castle in the american continent to have actually served as residence to royalty


The building itself is impressive enough on it’s own :o


I’d like to visit again, dont remember much from the time I visited with my family, but then I was like 8 lol




am closing down my gofundme, its going nowhere, and am sick of getting messages form my brother


Can’t you report him?


yes, but he’s not doing anything malicious as per their sites’ rules, is just a person I dont want to contact me, who is contacting me. I could block him at best.

but at this point I rather just end the thing since is not going anywhere, the only ones getting any donations are kids with cancer or pets with cancer, so am fucked really :stuck_out_tongue:


Then make a gofundme says you’re a kid with cancer

To make it more believable, it might be helpful if you actually get cancer!


but am too old and not cute at all :frowning:


Take a photo of one of the kids you teach

It might be necessary to give one of the kids cancer


I got one make a fake tech product on kickstarter.


damn you kudi keep your cancer ideas away from my kiddos


So what about my kickstarter bullshit idea?


Got to hang with a few old friends at my friend’s mom’s birthday. It was pretty fun, kinda awkward when they asked what I’ve been up to cause I have been up to anything for the past few years.

Also sad that I couldn’t get drunk.


am no thief or cheat!


That’s nice sweetie.


The kitties are able to climb out of the bathtub now, so I made sure they can’t reach anything dangerous in my bathroom

They also like to climb other things, like my shoes, clothes, hands, arms, and bare legs (´; ω ;`)

Yandere might be starting the transition to eating wet kibble, maybe. Instead of suckling, he’s biting and licking, and he licked a bit of wet kibble mixed with milk instead of immediately spitting it out.


(And here’s a picture of them when they went to bed by themselves after playing until they were tired)


I have a portrait of @homulilliy in my bathroom

he sees everything


So he sees you pooping?


yes, also sees my nudity when I shower