Your Day Thread - How was your day?





Try a can of tuna or similar.


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so today I did go to work, but I was way off and even my friends noticed I was running on fumes, so I left early and came home around noon.

had lunch and slept most of the evening, which worked great as my computer was finally giving up and forced itself to restore the system (wouldn’t let me do it manually before) so when I woke up windows had reinstalled successfully, and I spent the rest of the night changing shit to my liking and installing my stuffs.

Am taking tomorrow off as am still a bit off and need an extra day


I thought you had a snow day?


nope, most districts had delayed starts but I dont think anyone had a snow day


Spent the day yesterday at an event hosted by one of the companies I work with. Was pretty bitchin, they paid for all expenses (food, hotel, etc.). Plus I didn’t have to work, naisu.

The hotel is in a really nice location in an older part of a smaller town, as seen above.

Last year they took us on a sailing trip, which was also hella dope.


What country is that? Looks really nice.

I decided since spring is here, I’ll update my wallpaper for a fresh look.


Germany :> The hotel is located in Schwäbisch Hall (a town near Stuttgart), the sailing trip took place on Lake Constance.


Wow, that’s beautiful! Was there a castle nearby too I wonder?


There weren’t any close by, but the town does have a church that is surrounded by a small wall, if that counts in some way. There are loads of castles still around in southern Germany that are always fun to visit, like Hohenzollern Castle, Sigmaringen Castle, Lichtenstein Castle, Rötelstein, Locherstein and others around the swabian jura.


tfw most of your country’s castles are like this

fucking civil war


The United States doesn’t have any actual castles, but we have old mansions that look like castles :3


Does it come with a loli vampire and stabby maid?


Looks like Atelier land right lol


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No, but it does come with ghosts and a pipe organ that needs to be repaired.