Your Day Thread - How was your day?



friend from work got me this over the weekend at a garage sale, she dope af, she an old hippie grannie :3


I have few weeb things, and now they all live together happily in a shelf <3

my Waifu’s pic that Daarin gave me for Christmas sits on a cubby at my room’s entrance


I’m sure she does, but I have something better



Did I never send you a pin?


no, I had them made in a rando website or ebay (cant remember which tbh)


a friendly reminder



I already filed my taxes, weeb teacher woman.


gold star for lil tyron


I already did mine got my refund and spent it on car parts.


mine was taken by student loan-senpai



My name’s not Tyrone you Panto Bean.


It’s Tom (as in “Uncle”)

Ruckus is fine too


I love playing the -Char’s Edits- game, where I go back to a Char post every time he makes an edit (several in the span of minutes) until he deletes it entirely or it changes into something completely different from what he had originally posted.

makes me feel like my OCD is not all that fucked up


I figured that Ursala pic would trigger you but that is what getting student loans in the US is like.


oh pfft, am pantsu from sancom not sj72genderswarrioryiff from tmblr


That was my plan but then Magpocalypse happened.


@PantsuKudasai how does this make you feel?


As I’ve said many times before, am not a Tumblr Tranny [TM] so I don’t have any rainbow clothes or base my life and identity to it. Also I have proper education, training, medication and coping mechanisms so I rarely trigger.

So am indifferent to it.

If you’d like an opinion, is a very silly and almost desperate trolling act, but nothing much else. It doesn’t change anything for the way to rainbow is seen, and the right likely will stop using it after they go to LBGT events hoping yo troll and trigger, and then get hit on by drags and bears, which would be the toppest of ironic keks.

Could the argument be made that is a similar thing to the change of meaning in the Swastika, but that was before the internet, and LGBT culture is not as hidden as it once was, or as obscure and “exotic” as Hinduism and Buddhism was back then.


It’s a completely logical reaction to the left’s hilarious denouncement of the OK hand symbol as a hate symbol. I, for one, happily embrace the rainbow flag’s wonderful new home.



Two of the kitties are already eating only wet kibble, but Yandere still refuses anything but milk (´・ω・`) (I read that kitties that crave more attention sometimes are like that)

W-will he ever start eating solid food?