Your Day Thread - How was your day?



yeah the whole intersex thing as an argument is dumb af, and doesnt change the fact that indeed I’ll never lose my Y chromosome. But, am enjoying life more, those around me treat me like a girl, and that’s all I need to be happy. Well that and a puss, but that I’ll get the doctor to make me one hopefully this summer, tho now am thinking it may nto happen that soon


N. GL and hopefully by summer. I can see ya now, scrolling thru the channels looking for loli puss for reference pictures. Yes doc, this puffy loli pus is the one I want~


Levi, shuddup and go fuck a sheep



Will you save your wiener in a jar so you can fuck yourself?


The kitties still don’t have official names, but they have nicknames now that I got to know them (´・ω・`)


Is the biggest, and looks the fattest when he’s sleeping. He’s the one that started doing all the big cat things before the others, as if he knew exactly what to do.


Always wants attention, and will try to kill his brothers if he feels they’re getting more of it than him.

Niggie(I call him the equivalent of that in portuguese):

Despite his name, he’s not a violent criminal(it’s just the easiest way to refer to him). Likes to hoard food, and is the one that gets bullied the most by Yandere. Sometimes acts a bit autistic, tbh

And here’s a sneak picture of them(it had to be that way, because if they even think they heard or saw me they start meowing and trying to escape. I don’t know how long the containment tub will hold them, but I think they’ll be able to escape in less than a week ;д; )


keep Niggie!!

black kitties get adopted the least because people are superstitious dumb fucks, and oft they end up in the streets mistreated or killed. you’re keeping a black orphan off the streets, preventing him from ending in a life of crime and drugs. also autistic children need love, and surely with time he’ll become a cute fat chungus and take on your yandere traits <3 <3 <3


lol impossible, they remove the testies and spongy tissue and use the rest to create the clit and labia, so is not like they just yank out the dike and move on. I thought at one point to get one of them plaster kits to get a mold of it and get a dildo made out of my dick for future self fucking, but didnt go for it.


My dad used to call my sister’s black cat an African ass cat.


i just proved that dogs were better than cats and syk got so analangry, rectumravaged and coloncrucified that she was diagnosed with BUTTABETES


cats are better than dogs and Syk is a saint

but I do like your synonyms for butthurt, so I salute you for that


I trimmed the tree in the backyard, which gave me an excuse to climb a tree which I haven’t done in fuck knows how many years.

It was awesome! Am still amazing at climbing trees and not falling (take that Bran! you gimpy peeping tom fuck!) also said good morning to my next door neighbors (while having the higher ground to establish myself as the alpha of the block) and also the neighbors from across the alley came out to offer me their trimmer saw, which not only was nice of them but let me to meet them. Sweet old hippie lesbian couple :3

climbing trees is fun


dang it now I wanna fly a kite

protip: when googling anime kite, include -flying- in there, else you’ll get the other anime Kite :’<


I think cats probably are better than dogs as my cat doesn’t do stuff to piss me off such as find and chew up my socks.


cats are better than dogs:

  • their pooping is organized and contained to an easily cleaned box
  • they don’t require bathing (self cleaning!)
  • no slobbery licking (if any licking at all)
  • jelly bean toes and nose
  • purring
  • possible pest control
  • very self reliant pets, they seek you out when want attention, and go away when want to be left alone
  • mostly just want to sleep
  • you are a defacto witch/connected to satan by owning a kitty
  • VERY hard for a cat to kill you, should they decide to turn on you (this only applies to small dogs)
  • ghost detector
  • require zero walkings and can be 100% indoor, perfect for the lazy folk!
  • excellent alarm clock, alternating with head bumps, paw swats and anus close up
  • anime is 40% cat girls, vs trace amounts of dog girls


This is hate speech.



  • Love you
  • Listen to you
  • Would care if you died
  • Wouldn’t just find a new family and forget about you after 5 minutes
  • Don’t demand food and refuse to eat it because they’re fussy
  • Don’t hide on top of the stairs at night and try to kill you by running underneath your feet as you climb up
  • Not fucking cunts


is not hate if is something positive

maybe if you had something interesting to say, kitties would listen to you, not their fault dogs function at a 2nd grade level while they function at a PhD level. also cats are defacto tsundere, so you’re just not worthy of their deredere

they know you would’t want them to be sad forever and they should move on, so they honor you and mourn you privately, plus they are aware of self preservation and know that they need to find food and shelter asap. also if you die indoors and are not found soon, they will eat your corpse, so they’re very eco-friendly and believe in reuse-reduce-recycle

cats are tsundere, obviously! and that makes them better. ever notice how their ears are like little twintail ribbons? no? must be because you have no innocence left in your heart.

this is a quality trait tho


My computer’s being a little bitch. Took me 2 hours to get it on this morning because it randomly fails to startup. I think it’s a hardware failure but I don’t know which it is. Could be the PSU, GPU, CPU, Motherboard. I don’t have spare parts to swap to narrow it down. But after a certain tries of rebooting it finally started and I was able to get into windows.


I think I might need to replace the video card in mine too as the video driver sometimes crashes but it doesn’t bring down the OS.
But this does not happen under Linux. so it could just be Nvidia’s famously buggy drivers at work.


Happy National Beer Day! Had a Japanese friend go to Australia on vacation. They had trouble with the difficult English over there. Hard to help, being as I’m a Midwesterner. Told 'im ta just say g’day, and call everyone either a mate or a cunt. Both acceptable lmao. And watch lots of Crocodile Dundee.thisIsAKnife