Your Day Thread - How was your day?



this is what makes you a cool kid


had THE best girls night out ever!!! because my friends from work came over to my house and saw how beautiful and clean it is, and we had beer and pink chanpagne and bongs (they did, I don’t touch the devil’s lettuce) and we laughed and we bonded and we shared and I did my hormone injection in front of them and it was amazing and am so so so so so so happy (and a bit tipsy too)



You don’t need to touch the devil’s lettuce for it to affect you. Case in point: you shot yourself up with drugs right after being exposed. I’d say that’s a fast working gateway drug.


well aprils fools is over for me

managed to prank 3 people \o/


sounds fun

i wish i could get drunk with friends

i mean the drunk part cause i can’t get drunk


am happiest I have friends again and that they wanna hang out at my place and just chit chat and do goof stuff <3

also @Palmtop_Tiger callate gatito tonto!!! it was not that kinda injection and you know it!!


April fool’s!!!


That was not pomf, gatito



Forgot to mention this, but I’m taking the whole week off from work. I seriously need this -_-


mental break? or other kind of tired/resting need? no matter what feel better and ejoy your break and take care of yourself


Tank you Panchu~ Yes, I’m physically exhausted, so I’m looking forward too it.



I wish I was going to that place now XD I’m going to a different massage clinic tomorrow

I’m bookmarking it for later


helped the 4th graders with their square dance rehearsal for a play and it was TOO CUTE I get it now why parents force their kids into those stupid school plays and dances, is terrible but dear lord it is beyond adorable


And to see the smiles on the parents and teachers faces~


I’ve been pooping a lot since yesterday :’< not really in pain just lotsa pooping, and feels like am about to get a fever.

amma take a shower in a bit and go to bed early, hopefully sleep 12+ hours


You know girls don’t poop, right?






The way it’s worded, sounds like pre-trans girls=girls.