Your Day Thread - How was your day?





Replaced the battery on my laptop today. I had to get in on Amazon, since I couldn’t find it on Lenovo’s site. I also ordered a new SSD hard drive that should be coming in April.


Color your body hair?!>!?!>!?!>!>!!!

Based Motakun, giving us the important details.

The other day at work they announced the North American CEO was going to be visiting next week and some idiot said “Uh, Trump?” :rofl:


shave my body hair! lol

and mercury pits fan service is the stuff of dreams


First read this as “piss stains”

Was disappointed upon re-reading it.


that would’ve been equally as acceptable fan service


It would have been much better fan service!


what about piss stains on the pits?


More importantly he got to high five all the Sailor Scouts. You can’t beat that.


I didn’t pay enough for that version of the performance.


I wish sailor mercury would pee on me and let me kiss her pits



Holy shit guise I just killed a big spider in the bathroom but I think it was only the molted exoskeleton so there’s possibly an even bigger spider still crawling around my house.



You should set the whole house on fire just to make sure ;-;


spoder bro dindu nuf wrong!!


I will trap the spider for you, catman.


nair does a great job at ridding my legs of hair, but boy does it smell like baboon diarrhea


back to work tomorrow, happy :slight_smile:


Had a long day of overtime at work. Decided to check the forums here. “Earned ‘Member’”. I don’t 100% know what this means, but it made my day a lot better. :smile:


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So I’m one of the cool kids?