Your Day Thread - How was your day?



oh shush you silly goose




dang, I think we broke the Syk :<


Do you think there are any spiders in those geese?




hey wait! does syk have a werid goose/spider phobia?

am sorry!!


she’s a spidergoose





Chigechun am sowy I maed you sad and scared :’< I just wanted to share something cute and gave you a sad instead




The kitties are teething, so they’re going to start eating solid food soon~
And they’ve started play swatting and licking themselves and each other~




I thought those were the portable toilet things people poop in my scat hentais.




I’m going to the Sailor Moon Super Live tomorrow.


do you wanna be punished in the name of the moon?


Do you wanna be punished by the t-bag and the moon?


Is that a JoJo reference?


It’s a Kiss me I’m Khan reference.



colored my hair and didn’t make a total mess! neither of the bathroom nor of myself! am not all tainted and only missed a bit on my sides but am ok with it.

also the new dye I got was very easy to use, not messy and didn’t smell as intensely as other hair dyes, which was a great surprise.

tomorrow amma do my legs, armpits and butt :3


Wow, what a day it was. Went out to get a haircut. Then went to the city to meet with someone to go to the Sailor Moon Super Live together. But they were running late so I stopped by Mcdonalds to get a somewhat overpriced mcchicken with small fries($3). Then I went to Kinokuniya to browse around to kill some time before the show. They have a Starlight Revue event going on. Next week the seiyuu is supposed to be there signing stuff.

Then I meet my friend to see the show. They made me throw out the remaining fries because no food allowed. Oh well. Now I didn’t really know what to expect with the show to be honest. For some reason, our seats which were like near the front but not actually in front, got bumped up to front row seats.

The actresses were close enough for me to touch. I could literally smell the pit stains on Mercury’s actress. They ran through the audience a few times and I was able to touch Sailor Moon’s hand. It made me so giddy I screamed. It was gloriously Japanese. There was a lot of skirts flipping around and dancing and singing.

This is a sample of what the show is like. The stage effects were really cool. In the beginning they had a see through curtain that they projected special effects like explosions and beams onto and they had this ring of lights that could descend from the ceiling, and during the Opening theme, they had images from the manga showing in the background.

And this isn’t my video but this is pretty much how close I was to those lovely gams.

After the show, because we were in front which was considered VIP, we got to do a quick high touch(hi five) session with all the actresses. I think every sailor moon fan needs to experience this once in their life. And if you do, for the love of god, make sure you get a front row seat or at least an aisle seat. I pity the people that were sitting in the middle.

After that I went to get some Korean food with my friend, and I must say I have absolutely no idea what Korean food is. Like I don’t know how to choose good stuff. It’s expensive too. Not really a fan. After that I started heading home.

You would think that’s the end of the story. But wait! On the train ride back, I see an old classmate message me on Facebook(I normally don’t check). They said they saw me at the Korean place earlier but couldn’t get my attention. My old anime club was hosting their Coscafe(like a maid cafe with performances) today. I hadn’t been to my old school in about 7 years, but since I was still out, I figured why not see some old faces.

Got to the school and saw just 3 people I knew. But it was really fun catching up with them. Even got put on the spot a bit to speak into the mic, but I didn’t mind since I was expecting them to make me do something. I used to be the president and started the first Coscafe almost 10 years ago which they have kept running since I left. It was a lot of new faces, which is kind of sad since I haven’t really been keeping in touch but it’s also nostalgic and exciting to see how far things have come. I’m proud of them.

I would say today was one of the best days of my life. Or at least the most fun I’ve had in a single day in a very long time.