Your Day Thread - How was your day?



There is some good news tho

Some woodpeckers are pretty blue


That cartoon is hilarious.


preheating the oven to season a couple of cast iron skillets I recently bought

here’s hoping I don’t blow up the fucking house


baking over, so far the house remains intact

now to let them cool off inside the oven


I was at @Dark_Mage’s favorite street.


@Dark_Mage dream town


Got out of work to go to school, do my taxes and go to a political rally where I met a technocrat, an anarchist and MAGA nationalist all at once.



The HATE Thread

I’m surprised you can have those three together without them trying to kill each other.
Or was the arguing and possible ensuing violence what you found entertaining?

Unfortunately it’s not populated with Azunyans.


cant to everything for you char, damn! put some effort of your own, bitch!


slept a lot today, not even sure how much but am sure it was around 5-7 hours, so am unlikely to go to sleep tonight, so amma do something stupid I haven’t done since college and gonna be awake all night and all day tomorrow so that I can crash at night properly

also the boys are gonna start gaming downstairs right now so amma make taquitos and join them downstairs… I may even do a marijuana doobie, like the cool kids oft do behind the bleachers, I mean after all I do live in Colorado and 3/20 just passed, so I should celebrate it like all the riff raffs and ragamuffins


the boyes are playing no man’s sky and we talking shit about the chungus who moved out, plus am petting the pupper


So I should clone some Azunyans?


Can I have one???


I’ll need some DNA from an Azunyan to clone first, a 1GW power source and an EZ clone 9000.


If you don’t have those then why are you asking?!


The question thread is over that way ----->


I’m just being silly though I would not mind having a bunch of Azunyan clones.


now that the chungus is gone and the house is pretty and clean, I can finally display and use my cute cute cute measuring cups and spoons <3 I feel @chigetsu will appreciate them <:3c


“How many honks of sugar do you take in your coffee?”