Your Day Thread - How was your day?



I figure you’d torrent it and burn it to a BD-R and say close enough.


that would require me to buy burnable cds, and a new computer that can burn blurays, as my laptop is old af and only does reg cds, and not even that anymore as the cd reader done got fucked like a year ago


Nothing much today the rear view mirror on my car fell off as it’s one of those big heavy ones with the built in compass GM likes to use so I had to glue it back on.
I’m little pissed it’s ever so lightly off center but you can’t really notice it.
Also got a drone stuck in a tree and had to free it.


Had a half a day at work, as I had some comp hours I had to use soon or I’d lose them at the end of the school year, so I finished my day by noon.

Came in right as the fuckwad was leaving and started cleaning the house immediately. In the last 8 hours I’ve done what this bitch couldn’t do in 20 months and the house is in amazing shape, the guys already took some stuff to the basement, and they are also cleaning their mess downstairs.

tomorrow they’re both off so we’ll spend the day picking what they want and moving it take and I’ll set what I can sell to the garage. Just reorganized the kitchen too and we have so much fucking space after throwing away all her expired food and mismatched/half broken cookware and dishes. Also the boys were excited cuz I let them take all her liquor and cherry cokes lol.

tomorrow amma do the bathroom and move curtains around, which reminds me, hey @kudi can you ask your dad to help me with the curtain rods? :3c

oh and yeah, am on spring break vacation till April 1st


did some hot yoga. what’s hot yoga? it’s like yoga except the room is hot.

was pretty fun and hard. i am not very flexible lol

my shirt was like drenched in sweat by the end like i jumped in a pool with it.


Dis you get to mingle with hot single moms in your area?


it was just with my epi group unfortunately


all my basic bitch white friends do that shit, is hilarious, one of them likes to get drunk before hand which I find even more hilarious

in pantsu day, the boys had the day off so we deep purged the house and it is looking amazing! new roommate finished unpacking and his room looks dope af! specially compared to the pile of shit that the chungus lived in.

also we moved a couch to the back yard so finally I have the redneck set up I always wanted :3


re zero season 2 announced!

wait wrong thread


I just now learnt that bandicoots are real animals and not just a rando name or animal of a video game. I honestly thought his full name/profession was Crash Bandit Raccoon, so you know, Bandicoot for short.

I feel saddened, cheated, annoyed and oh so so so dumb <:(



I wonder how much cocaine did it take to go from this to this?


An iNsane amount.


I’ve got some bad news for you…


lol that one I learnt about long ago, and at least that one I knew Tasmania was a real place

now when I saw a road runner irl for the first time, boy was I disappointed at how tiny they actually are, also they don’t beep.

hmmm, woodpeckers not being blue or laughing was also disappointing but not as much


Also, Wolverine and Honey Badger.


ok now, this is becoming a buli


I have some more bad news.

Remember these?

They were really like this:




Actually, while being named Velociraptor, the dinosaurs depicted more closely resembled Deinonychus in size.


Surprisingly the animated Tasmanian devil is not as much of an exaggeration as you’d think.


but what was their velocity?

oh fuck!

what were roadrunners called before we had roads?! and hedgehogs called before we had hedges?!