Your Day Thread - How was your day?



Says the half Korean.


Okay liberal.


which candidate is going to accelerate the rahowa?



You’re such a boomer.



field trip was fun, but as always fucking exhausting.

kids thought it was cute I brought a salad and a few shared grapes, strawberries and a pb&j sammich with me, so that was cute. and one of my kids who has random ass quirks decided to end all her sentences with -yum yum- today, so that was a straight up anime moe shit like -poi- or -da pyon-

interestingly, I went with a group of high schoolers to the same museum around 2 years ago, and these 4th graders were WAY better behaved and WAY more fun to be with.

alas, am fucking tired.

so happy tomorrow is their last day of school, we (the staff) have meetings on thursday but those days are easy and we just get caught up with busy work and clean up the classrooms, and then am off to spring break!!! the chungus (aka fuckwad, aka the shitty roommate) is leaving on thursday morning, so amma spend the break cleaning the house and selling all the shit she leaves behind and putting the money towards my surgery (I have her blessings, not that I was holding on for that) and I got to keep some of her shit so now I got a couch and a christmas tree :smiley:


Excuse me while I *Sip




More like sip wine in a summer home based on your supposed kids inheritance while your kids struggles to have a job and a functional adult life let alone have family while living in the urbanite, cosmopolitan, class despaired hell hole you gave to them.


Nixon was a terrible president as a kid I hated him just for what he did to NASA but when I learned what else he did when I got older I despised him.
I used to believe drugs were a great evil and needed to be illegal but as I got older and wiser I learned prohibition and the criminalization of drug use was more harmful to society than the public health problem it supposedly set out to solve.


Completely agree, Nixon made a senseless war on drugs and tied it together with his racist ideologies. The D.A.R.E. program really brainwashed me till I got older.


Umm sweetie you weren’t even conceived when Nixon was President.


There’s these things called history books and you can search on who signed what into law .
Most people who were alive at the time were not aware of the scope of his douche baggery until years after it happened if ever.


It’s not Nixon’s fault the military industrial complex and niggers want more money.


He cut NASA’s budget by nearly 50% when they were designing a new space transportation system and then formed that money sinkhole known as the DEA.

Rat bastard denied us all the Jetson’s future we were promised.


I repeat myself…


that, and I was riding on a Futurama joke


bought a piece of nostalgia for 99 cents at the thrift store

dont have any cds anymore so gotta figure out something else to do with this, other than looking dope af


Store a Matrix blu-ray disc in it.


that would require me to buy a matrx bluray, tho

I may turn it into a notebook instead