Your Day Thread - How was your day?



it’s because shane dawson fucked his cat


is because twitter is plagued with degenerate furrys


And people wonder why i sometimes want to purge them.


no one wonders that about you char, you’re all edge and no poi


Maybe. I haven’t been on Twatter in a while. Other than YANG GANG.

Watch your language char.

You’re one to talk.


tha fuk @DOCTORKHANblog I wanna be a catgirl not fock a cat!


^^^the filmography of Elsa Jean for $200, Alex.


hello is everyone gonna ignore that shane dawson fucked and came on his cat


I want to ban black people from porn.


the only dawson I care about lived on a creek and how dare you soil his good name


Random JewTube star does dumb shit. What else is new?


grass is green

words words words


I went to a vet, and she said the kitties seem healthy~


are you gonna keep them? have you named them?


more importantly are you going to fuck them


goddamn it homu, go do soemthing productive like burn down a church or something


God dammit Homu.



I don’t think I can keep all of them, but I want to keep at least one(but I don’t know which. They’re still too young, so I want to wait until I know which one I like the most)

And I haven’t named them >.<


I said “fucking cats” not “eating cats.”


Hmm. If a person chooses their favorite kitty, does it also count as natural selection? Is this Darwinism in a micro form. Make sure it grows into a proper cat girl, unlike a certain pantsuchollo cat individual:smiley_cat: