Your Day Thread - How was your day?



yup, delivery delayed due to weather conditions

beta redpilled bitch ass usps getting cucked by the weather


Never make insults again.


eeh~ but I wanna be hip and get jiggy wid’it





Goin’ to the movies tomorrow.


napped for 5 hours and woke up to messages from friends and work, again snow day tomorrow \o/


The Lego Movie 2 and Alita are the only correct choices. Say Captain Marvel and we will be friends no more.




Heaven’s feel pt 2


Even better, you surpassed my expectations.


The kitties when they got here

And the kitties now

They’re already so much bigger ;u;


syk showeded us her pussies :3c





Just finished the movie.
It was one of those reserved seating things but because they moved the screening to another room, none of the tickets matched the seats so it became a free for all for finding a seat. Thankfully there was enough space for everyone.
The movie flickered/pixelated at 3 parts during the movie. Looks like they had a corrupted video file. Or maybe it was some meta joke about the grails corruption.
There was a lot of audience laughing at all the erotic scenes. At least they didn’t make stupid jokes. No one laughed during the “rape” scene.
Saw railgun and someone from college there.
Overall pretty good experience. The movie has one big fight in the middle and then its a slow burn for the second half. Last part is scheduled to release in spring 2020.


I hate this tbh. It’s because they want to avoid having the image that it’s something they enjoy at all costs. Gotta show they think it’s silly.


I watched a man shoot a girl on the street in a first world country, double tap her head to be sure, get in his car and blast Initial D while skrrting over her body and yelling ‘SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE’, all live.

Is there a better timeline?


There were spooky lights outside my window. I couldn’t hear any sound so I don’t think it’s lightning. Probably mahou shoujos fighting in the distance.


is some cuties from a cat planet, leave your window open tonight


WW3 confirmed! A Gripen just flew over Motakun’s house!