Your Day Thread - How was your day?





Lol how is insomnia real? Just close your eyes and go to sleep lmao


Why had PT suddenly become a tumblr basic bitch


Don’t say such haram things to Catman.


They just called in for a snow day tomorrow. Am on my way to dollar tree to buy blizzard snacks :3c


But blizzard snacks are at dairy Queen.


silly nekochin <3

also snow days are more fun than hurricanes, both on prepping for and staying indoors.


No Hurricanes are more fun and warmer.


eww no! it gets so muggy and humid and hella mosquitoes the next day, plus it can be a huge let down if it turns out to be a tropical stor instead, or you drown or you car floods

with blizzard you just bundle up and drink coffee or hot cocoa looking at the window and then watch animoos


am abut to attempt to reinstall windows as my computer is on its last leg and not sure if it will catch fire or go back to being usable.

I’ll still be on sancom on my phone but for a while I’ll be away.

unless the blizzard kills me, then I wont be back, but that is not related to the fixing my computer


Blizzards are so fun till your butt freezes and the power shuts off so no animoos.


we have a gas stove, I wont freeze

plus I have books and arts and crafts stuffs


Had to send someone to the ER due to a hypertensive crisis. Clearly should have chosen the life of a doctor because that’s way more respectful and exciting than what I have to go through daily


what do you do, again?


I like to keep it a secret so i don’t get doxxed

you can find me on google technically so i get scared


He’s a licensed drug dealer.


thank you very much gatito


u can thank me for your medicaid funded estradiol, spironolactone and leuprolide


Thank you, tho I don’t take that last one.


the blizzard is finally rolling in.

when I woke up around 8am it was raining a bit, then it picked up, later we got some slushy icy rain, and now finally some proper snow and the wind is a’howin’

I have a package out for delivery today but now idk if I’ll get it.