Your Day Thread - How was your day?



ROFL at him saying what the hell is even that.


Today is my Gayniversary. I came out four years ago, today :3





I like how she says even if you know the context its still creepy because Kimura sensei is creepy when the whole point of that skit was to show that he may look creepy but he actually has a beautiful wife and daughter.


it’s funny cause she also used the word waifu at some point



That Sponge Bob pic has to be the most appropriate response ever.


is this an appropriate spongebob response


This is the only spongebob response.


No, this is a Jojo reference.


Hmm. Worked a lot of long work weeks, and starting on Monday I am finally back on days. Yaay! Also am growing my hair out, and its going well. People keep telling me I look like Charles Manson, tho. C’mon it don’t look that bad :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


nonsense! you’re Paul and that’s that!

in panchu news, I got approved for a micro-grant for trans folks, to take care of documents and other non-medical needs. Not sure how much they approved me for yet, but could be between $400 - $1000, which will help me a lot.


Paulie Manson it is then. And is it that expensive to file documents and all? I didn’t realize how expensive trans stuff could be.


between driver’s license, passport and name change I spent about $400, the passport will expire in may as I was only allowed a 2 year provisional until my treatment was completed, so I’ll have to renew that soon.

the one document I haven’t done yet is my certificate of naturalization, which will run me around $600, unless they’ve upped it since last I checked.

then there’s academic records, which I’ll have to mail a bunch of notarized copies to get all my transcripts and diplomas changed and re-issued.


But isn’t most of that because you changed your name?


name and gender, colorado allows to change gender marker before/without GRS, so long you are undergoing other therapies and have letters from therapists.


a five army heli group just passed over us

shit is always dope af but also a tad unsettling, am used to seeing military helis and jets fly over us from time to time, I know is just part of where I live, but still there’s something unnerving about it.

one time three fighter jets flew over our school while we have our kids in the playground, they were freaking the fuck out in all the best ways (and I was too tbh lol)


I rescued three kitties today, they were apparently abandoned by someone. I’m going to try to find someone with a mother cat that can adopt them, but I bought the things I need to feed them for the time they stay with me

I’m not even sure they’ll survive, since they’re so young, but their chances are better than in the tiny shed they were before >.<


who would abandon kitties

hope everything turns out well


That moment when you feed milk to a kitty and it starts purring