Your Day Thread - How was your day?



Yah I been feeling kinda dead inside too maybe I’ll make some kind of foolish purchase to feel better.


An onahole? I recommend Lolinco.


Then live life for real now, faggot.


I don’t know maybe I should do some of things things I always wanted to but never got around to doing.
Like buy or build a sport plane or ultralight or go on Power Tour or try the Lemons Ralley.


Or visit Japan???


tfw you will never be a hyper-dimensional magical girl space detective


What kind of an obscure reference is that?


Some of the many roles of Etna



Going to the item world is the best way to cure depression.


Fuck it, amma be am idiot and trust y’all. No that it matters much a this point, now that my family has tracked me down and the cat is out of the bag. And in all honesty sancom has been more a family for 9 years than my family ever was.

Pls don’t doxx me or swat me.


im gonna dox and swat you

(Ill donate whenever i get the money)


Lies, you’re gonna find me and burn down my house.

Also lol just realized sancom is blocked at work as pornography


By coincidence I was watching this video just now. Blair says a good vaggification costs 30,000. Is this gofundme going to be enough? What if you hate how it ends up looking?


The whole thing is covered after my max deductible, so is not like am getting a back alley one in Thailand lol

Plus I hate how I look in general. As long as o can finger myself/get daarin’s dick in and feel good that’s all I care


But you can do that with your pooper. Is having a peenor you hate worse than having a gaping flesh wound?


yes, yes it is, that’s kinda a big premise of being trans


You lucky the whole transgender thing is in right now. There gon’ be pitchforks at the school in the olden days. Well there might still be today.

Had an exhausting day at work today. DMCV tomorrow. Get hyped.


I am well aware of that, believe me :slight_smile:


You with Dan in a couple of years.


for a second there I thought that was gary busey