Your Day Thread - How was your day?



and she’s unmarried and unpregnant and wearing shoes?! you are a disgrace to the great state of Georgia! Nay! the glorious South!




I almost showed the younger 7 year cousin love live but she got sent home by her grandpa.

she ask why there are only girls



homu introducing loli cousin to lesbian dancing animoos, what a degenerate, I bet he’s trying to groom her to call him onii-chan and convince her they’re not related by blood


one of my lolis told me her brother was arrested for rape, and much tho she wants to believe he innocent, this is the second girl who has accused him of.


my brother found my contact information and sent me an email

so I gotta ask, was it any of you that did it?


I forgot to mention theyre cousins in law so we are not related by blood.


I dunno, what’s your email again?


not funny gatoman :’<


But who here would know your brother? You know I don’t use facistbook.


idk nibba, people find shit online


I only ever knew your facebook and you blocked me from that.



The community is growing to respect your many contributions to the conversations here.


Stayed up last night watching the Spacex crew demo launch was surprised it lifted off on the first try as usually new vehicle launches ends up getting scrubbed at the last minute and ends launching a week later.

Then went to sleep and slept like a nefly until to 10 am.


A local tattoo studio has $30 piercings and tattoos yo celebrate Colorado day (303) so am getting a nose ring.

Got here two hours ago and still got a good hour wait ahead of me lol but am inside now and got my wrist band so am halfway there. Also finally got a chance to pee and sit down so am good.


Get a PA while you’re at it. :wink:


That would be a waste seeing how they’re chopping it off in a few months


Hello my name is homu and I have a shoe buying problem.

I bought four pairs of sneakers.


buying shoes

I bet they were Nikes too.


Converse and fila actually

Ill probably buy nike later.