Your Day Thread - How was your day?



Too long or too wide?


Haha sex joke XD

@Anus llya is a cutie, so it’s good idea to hold onto her


London air is toxic and everything is expensive


talked to the boys

turns out they hate the chungus much more than I do and we’re throwing a house party when she leaves next month

I am SO fucking happy


NB4 Kudi says what else is new or that the Indians are responsible for the air.


just learnt that all payless shoes stores are closing down

shoudl go shoe shopping on the cheap


And they say the economy is doing well.


Do you shop at Payless? Why not? They’re just like Sears, companies stuck in their ancient ways and only supported by bommers.


I do from time to time because their shoes are cheap, and specially shoes for work I run them down very quickly.

It doesnt matter if I buy $20 or $100 shoes, I just wear them to them off. Tho if I want more going out shoes that are gonna last me longer (cuz I dont’ wear them every day) then I buy them on amazon or ross or even walmart.

also payless was a great place to buy cheap shoes when I first started dressing up and finding my woominz size and style


That’s nice dear but I was asking char.


char is a child, he shops for shoes wherever his mom takes him


I’m talking about this.
Sure some stores are stuck in their ways but I think over all it is a symptom of a much larger illness.


Recent research from IHL Group shows a net increase of more than 2,000 store openings by the end of 2018. IHL also found that for every retailer closing stores, two are adding stores, and two-thirds of the store closings are tied to just 16 stores.


it’s them curry farts m8


Doin my taxes like a good goy.


Do you expect good got points this year?


I feel tempted to try and get my cousin into love live.


Do it. Love Live is love.


you’re from georgia, just love your cousin live


shes like 14 though

thats way to old

end puffy impersonation