Your Day Thread - How was your day?



got my lab work results came back, my immune system is amazing, am like 7 times what I should be for MMR, so I don’t need to get an MMR shot.

I really wanted to get super autism



Then how did you still get homo? Smh


chunchunmaru is the name of my computer

not a normie just yet


Mine is Shodan…


Dif thing. Autism is thru vaccines of evil big pharma. The gay is from floride in water by evil one world order illuminati lizard government



my compy’s hostname is “kikeripper”.


I saw two goats, a llama, and some ponies today~ :open_mouth:


did she go to the zoo?

did she walk down the street?

is she secretly a rich ojou-chan with a private zoo?

who knows! they all could be right!


I went to a part of Sao Paulo where extremely rich people live, and they were in someone’s garden~
(My mother asked a woman passing by, and she said they don’t belong to the owner of the house, but that they go there to eat the grass)


Syk was like


Goats are too moé



tried chewing tabacco

i ended up buying one thats really strong so i spat it out right away

it tastes gross. i thought it would taste sweet but nope

i think i have tried nearly all forms of tabbaco

snuff, snus, dipping tabbaco, ciggarettes, and e ciggs

I wonder if theres a form of tabbaco that you boof

Edit also gum


Fate Stay Heaven’s feel part 2 movie tickets went on sale today. And they’re already almost sold out. Managed to snag a handicapped seat. Hope no cripples come to see the movie.


Silly motaku, cripples don’t go see movies. But still, maybe you should plan a disguise. Hmm, maybe get an wheelchair, and a fake cast on your leg. Really sell the part.


It took forever to take the train home today. Because of delays, two trains in a row went express leaving 90% of its passengers on the platform. I wasn’t feeling that crowd of pissed off plebs so I took the express train past my stop and double backed to get home.

This morning I dropped one of my figure’s little wine glass. It’s so small and it fell somewhere between my bed and desk. I tried looking for it just now but couldn’t find it. Shame. Hope it’s okay. It was on my pillow the whole time! Found it as I was about to go to sleep.


Whew, I did my taxes. That was tough.


Or a fairy found it for you and placed it on your pillow.


It reminds that I lost a small part to one of my figurines. It’s nothing major, but I would like to find it one day.


On my Brocolli Illya the tail pin was too big to fit into her butt so instead of risking braking it i just left it in the box and has her tailless.

Fast forward 2 years and i wanted to sell her bc she was worth like $400 and i couldn’t find the fucking tail and i thought i vacuumed it up or something and listed her for $200
Anyway no one wanted to buy it without the tail so i kept her and i’m glad i did now