Your Day Thread - How was your day?



Really? >.<

Syk could watch it…

But it’s a woman whose job is to pretend to be a princess. Her daughter also loves princesses. It generally doesn’t fit with my image of Stoke.


went to have brunch with some friends cuz it muh bday :3

got yummy chilaquiles and tacos and a big ass michelada (REALLY good michelada)

got to see a friend I haven’t seen in a long ass time and she’s doing so well and in a happy place in life so that made me very happy.

it suddenly got cold as fuck as we left the restaurant and stated to snow so am not likely going anywhere for the rest of the day, tho I do want a sweet and will have to have dinner at some point tonight, so I may take the plunge and go to Target in the evening, since I was planning on buying some clothes this weekend and my bestie gave me a gift card. might as well get some ice cream and dinner there while am at it


Yeah same. Most Stoke women I knew really thought they were princesses.


also got my state tax refund, and am off on monday so I got moneys on a long weekend

my fed refund was taken by student-loan-senpai <:'3c

bought myself a couple of things on amazon as a self-present and then gonna use the rest of the moneys for hair removal on my crotch in preps for surgery


tfw you will never drive all over canada in a big truck, throwing piss jugs out of the window at 100km/h


trailer park boys?

king of the hill?


top gear?


Ice Road Truckers…



i somehow can’t imagine hank hill throwing piss jugs or jerry seinfeld driving a truck


but Bill and Kramer would do both

also love how you have no problem with the top gear boys doing that


piss jugs, george! it’s all about piss jugs!


This comes to mind.


went to a thrift store today and saw this.

didnt buy because fucking am not that much a weeb lol



Lol, I just saw Kahn’s streamlab donation on an AmFirst episode.


It becomes a small world when people here find my altright lifestyle.


Pantsu, pls. You mean you didn’t buy it because Full House is a terribly boring show. When it comes to American family sitcoms from the 90s, only Roseanne is more boring than Full House. Tooltime, Al Bundy, Unhappily ever after and Fresh Prince are alright.

Lulz, quite surprising actually.


cropped the initial -chunchunmaru- and is now my text tone


Fucking weeb…





We’re all weebs here, catman.