Your Day Thread - How was your day?



W-while I did end up cutting my finger, that’s not the reason!


It reminds me of when I helped one of my former friends make around 150 heart-shaped chocolates filled with ganache(that makes them harder to make than just plain chocolate). We worked with no breaks for two days, and slept less than 5 hours. Just thinking about it makes me anxious


Today was a good day the weather was nice and everything.



Be it cuts or burns(and sometimes walking into stuff), no matter what I’m doing, I always end up being a dojikko


(but @kudi is more of a dojikko than I am~)


kudi has all the moe qualities



although earlier today i meant to use hand gel and accidentally used dishwashing soap instead >.<






So many giri-chocos from mai lolis <3

Am the top Chad of sancom today :3


Umm excuse me you are a Stacy.


Can Stacys be yuri nee-san type?


bought a two liter soda on my way home and put it in my backpack

it opened up on my way home

luckily? I left it in the bag so my backpack didn’t become a swampy mess, tho it still got a bit in it, and nothing inside my backpack got messed up


@kanika why did you retweet this today?


Because She’s best girl.


Weird way of showing Maika.


I figure you’d be more a fan of Kaho.



Is this how things are in Stoke?


I can’t watch the video. Is it a gypsy thing?


I found the perfect manga for @kudi


only t-rex girlfriend that matters