Your Day Thread - How was your day?



Palmtop was trigger happy, but got blue bullets.:yum:


Damn, that’s crazy. Yesterday I just witnessed some guy steal a lady’s phone. Was riding the subway on my way to work and my sleep was interrupted when some lady screamed “Stop that guy he stole my phone!” and a guy goes bolting out of the train doors. I didn’t see what happened after that since the train doors closed and the train left like nothing happened.


Seems like typical things the happen on a subway.
Also if you ride mass transit don’t use a $1000 phone as what do you think is going to happen.


DPS is set to go on strike possibly next week and that makes me so happy. DPS was the shittiest district I’ve worked for, and they already said that administrators would have to go into the classrooms to teach while the teachers are on strike, and I am delighted to think that the bitch of a principal from my last school will be fucking thorn apart by the punks at school when she goes into the classroom. Fucking bitch is gonna die by the hoard of animals she’s created and it serves her right.



spent most of the day sleeping off a fever, which considering I had taken a full dose of antidepressants and was able to sleep for 7 hours, means I was hella sick

still coughing a lot and with constipated nose, but the fever is gone and dont feel as weak, I was even hungry enough to have me a sammich


Tired, yesterday was the first day I’ve gotten 8 hours of sleep. Usually get around 4 or 5 hours. Been really lazy lately cause the weather sucks. Honestly been thinking of moving out of Illinois and go somewhere I don’t have to work to death to pay bills. Trying to stay away from all these people that have the flu.


So you’re from IL too. Welcome to the misery club.


Can’t believe y’all bastards are still here. Lovely.

Now that I’m on Zoloft, hopefully I can be less confrontational.


still sick but better, slept a good chunk of the evening away. no fever or constipated nose so I can breath thru my nose and dont feel weak as fuck, but still coughing quite a bit and still need to blow my nose constantly. lots of raspy and wheezing when I take deep breaths, but also expelling stuff out so that’s good.


Got another injection. I finnally feel better. Time to celebrate with kbbq when I get the money.


Is this true @PantsuKudasai


People in Florida seem to be fans of Kantai Collection and Azure Lane.


that is just sad, but I can see it being the case

also now am curious about goth hospital, Oklahoma has some culture after all


Koohi Goth Hospital is a 200 bedded health care center where all obstetrics & gynecology services are provided free of cost and without any discrimination of race, color, caste or creed. Here, great efforts are made to provide rehabilitation services to the underprivileged women of Pakistan; especially to fistula patients (an acquired disease in which, due to child birth complications, there is a false connection which causes continuous leakage of urine and/or feces). This is the only charity fistula treatment center in South Asia, and provides state of the art laparoscopy surgery and fistula management training.


Kouhai Goth Hospital sounds like a great moe yuri series


got a district wide email to be on the look out with the kids, as the outbreak of mumps has reached Colorado.

hooray jenny mccarthy


And Jim Carrie. Orange man bad, vaccines bad!


he did it all for the nookie



I spent the whole day making different kinds of chocolate~


And now I remember why I dislike working with chocolate


because you end up with lots of bandaides on your fingers like the clutzy but adorbs anime girls when they try making a choco for senpai?