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Just finished the contest entry I had been working on for a week, rushed. Now I can focus on packing and dismantling stuff in the house. This’ll be great :3

The Random News Thread

OMG! It’s the YDT!!!


Golly, we’re in the middle of a true revival!


Met a long time FB friend for the first time today. Gave me tips on how to improve my painting techniques. We had Japanese noms and glorious gyoza with my other friends. I’m broke, but it’s a good day :3


TIL that in less than 12 months’ time, Gwen Stafani will be 50 years old.


I’ve always found this gunpla hobby so cute.


It’s cute when done with the right people. Otherwise, it’s very toxic :3


I found this on twitter.


I found this on Twitter.


Helped a friend look for a specific cane for his mum. We found the exact one she wanted but it cost twice the price listed at an online store. We had burgers on the way back. I asked for pickles on mine but they ran out. They also only had red and black buns available.

Now i’m waiting if it will color my poop black or purple lol


Is that at Five Black Guys?



Seriously though, if we werent both hungry and in a hurry, we would’ve went to that better place with better burgers. The fries weren’t good and the ketchup was the cheap kind.

I’ll probably come back but just for the burgers and pasta.


I had fish and chips


Don’t you mean fish and crisps?


That would be weird!


I actually went to a Five Guys place that opened here recently. Good burgers but I fucking forgot to order fries and I remember Palmtop said the fries were the real reason to go to Five Guys. The orders took so darn long though, so I didn’t feel like going back for fries. Will remember to order them next time.


tfw no Five Kudis location nearby >.<


I went to some “Round1” arcade last night, had a blast


What didja play at the arcade?


My internet is finally normal. I had internet but I was cut off from most of it. I can load steam and reddit but not Youtube ,amazon, Crunchyroll, and many more. But I could visit those sites using a VPN.