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Nah, I’m looking at TCL.


Well unless you plan on using it as a dumb TV or can flash with an open firmware.


I was going to buy the new iPad Pro 11".

…but then I went to the showroom and grabbed it in my hands and… damn, the thing feels so fragile. I definitely can’t integrate the thing in my daily workflow because that means putting it in my bag and risking bending.

The next option for tablet was the Galaxy Tab S4, which I want so hard to like… but it’s lacking support for art-related software. Tried opening one of my artworks on a loaned S4 and it crashed just as often as it was on my Tab A 10.1. I thought the limited RAM was the issue, but then I compared the CPU power between SD 835 and A10X and I’m convinced that processing power and encrypt/decrypt were the main issue.

Ended up just purchasing previous gen iPad 10.5. Has the same RAM as S4 which I thought would get choked with my large canvas and numerous layers, but handled it like a champ.

Should’ve bought this thing when it came out…


More like don’t buy ANYTHING Huawei.

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I figure this belongs here.
Could ammonia be the fuel of the fuel?
Maybe this could be a lower cost and more flexible alternative to battery electric vehicles especially since existing ICE engines can be converted to run on it.


You can do the same with hydrogen which is more abundant, easier to produce, and is less hazardous.


Ammonia doesn’t need high pressure,cryogenic temps, or hydrates for storage.
It also does not cause hydrogen embrittlement which forces use of exotic alloys for parts of the engine.
I think this might save the Green New Deal.
If they depend on just battery electric vehicles for carbon emissions reduction the Green new deal probably will fail.
It also shows people really need to look farther than the silicon valley companies for solutions as sometimes their solutions are not applicable to rest of the world.




A cheap fuel that can be used in existing vehicles is a must for any plan to work.
Forcing people to replace their existing vehicles before the end of their service life would cause push back, would not be fair to the middle and lower classes, and would cause a very large short term increase in CO2 emissions.
It takes 7 to 15 years for an electric car to amortize the pollution of it’s manufacturing so vehicle pollution would suddenly be increased in the short term.
The worst part a lot of cobalt comes from the Congo which has the world’s second largest rain forest and if that’s cut down to get it you could say the manufacturing pollution costs are doubled or tripled since deforestation is one of the biggest causes of global warming right behind fossil fuels and the EVs may never recoup their pollution cost.


there’s a holocaust/gas chamber joke somewhere in that statement^^


I think I might have to buy a new video card as my display driver has been crashing every now and then though it has only happened under Windows so maybe Nvidia’s latest driver up is crap.


Revert to the last stable driver and verify your problem.


I figure I might try that as it happens very rarely though could be another issue as when it did happen I had a very GPU intensive game running while looking at youtube stuff.


Say, how important is it these days to pay attention to power phases on motherboards when shopping for components? Since the past time I put a pc together is over 4 years ago and Haswell was still brand new at the time, I decided to read up about modern chipsets and stuff, and from the stuff I’m reading, I’m getting the impression power phases aren’t really a big deal anymore unless you’re a big-shot overclocker or something.

So in the situation that you’re in the market for a mid-range cpu for gaming that you don’t plan to overclock, do even the cheaper motherboards suffice? (Provided they have all the connectors you want and the right socket etc etc etc of course.)


Seems Airpods are just cheap throw away trash.
It seems the use of glue makes their products not only difficult to repair but difficult and dangerous to recycle as well.
So much for Apple’s claims of being a green company.


char discovers Apple is shit

in other shocking world shaking news, pantsu enjoys anal


Air pods look like a niggers idea of wireless headphones, just cut of the wires.


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I think this might be a design flaw on Apple’s part.


Oh but the slightly too short display cable that tears after closing and opening the lid from regular use isn’t?


This doesn’t surprise me at all.