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How much does that new smart device spy on you?


I just bought an echo dot


This is a bit late, but…

Have you tried shrinking your hard drive partition? It should be possible if there’s only 180GB of content.

I’m not sure exactly how Clonezilla works, but maybe it will play nice as long as the partition (not the disk itself) is smaller than the target drive?


Enjoy your literal spybot. Well at least it’s not made by Huawei.



Seems sales of new smart phones has platued.

Though lets be honest them trying to hawk $1000+ devices and neglecting the mid range probably has a lot to do with the decline in sales.


I ended up caving and doing a fresh install of Windows in the end after all. The thing is, I have a Windows 10 Education license and I’m not sure where to download Win10Edu these days. I vaguely remember having heard that you can activate Windows 10 Home using an Edu activation key and that it will update it to Education afterwards or something, but I also had an old .iso of a 2015 Win10Edu build, so I decided to go with that. I kinda regret it, because it took over 5 hours to completely update it. Absolutely bonkers.

Well anyway, having a clean install does feel nice. And I’m finally running Windows from an SSD. In 2018. With only 3 weeks of 2018 to go.


I bought smart plugs, connected some cheap string lights to them, and connected the plugs to my alexa. They make for some mood lighting in my room and they illuminate my figures. And I can control it all with voice. Pretty nifty.


Power outlets that are remote controlled they actually have been around in one form or another since the 1980s.
I have a few and can control them from my phone.


“Alexa, light up my waifus.”


Whoops, I missed this post. Sorry!
I did actually try to do that, but Windows didn’t allow it. Not sure what the problem was, but perhaps fragmentation was in the way or something.

Btw due to this, I had to log in to the forums again, which means… lol


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am sure this is like porn to some of you, or you understand whats going on better than me

I just think is neat :3c


i used to fap to those lol


I think the major players in the EV market are banking on the wrong battery technology as LiFePO4 is much safer than NCA and NMC technology.

Do this to the battery pack out of a Tesla or Leaf and you’ll get a firework show.


Why did we fall for the Blue Rei meme? Fuck these long install times because Blu-ray read speeds haven’t advanced. Would HD-DVD read speeds have been any better? This twisted game needs to be reset.


It could be worse the game could completely update it self over the cloud which is even slower.


Blue Rei > Red Asuka

I wanna buy a tv tomorrow at target but it’s in store only and I don’t have a car so I would have to carry it on public transit. Ya think a hume could carry a 55" tv with 2 hands?


Know a friend with a truck?


Don’t buy a Huawei TV.