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I love this.


IDE?! Geno let me buy you a SATA drive.



I wonder…

…do the flips have crazy import tariffs like the huehues do?


I already have a SATA, but the plugs in my PSU are IDE. I’m actually surprised that PSU is still alive lol

They’re just right.


Grid stability is a major technical challenge for renewable energy sources. Industry leaders and national labs are working together on soulutions that are compatible with our grid.

Despite what our president says (cough cough) no shoganai


Concentrated solar often uses molten salt to store heat so it can smooth other the peaks and deal with passing clouds better without resorting to massive battery banks.

Though I feel if we’re serious about combating global warming we need to use the nuclear option.
If we standardized the power plant designs the electricity can be as cheap as 4 cents per KW.
People’s power bills will go down vs up.


not tapping other dimensions for free energy

We’re going to have to once entropy starts getting significant.


in a few trillion years


A story on EV’s and carbon emissions though they assumed the gasoline car would get 25mpg.

A car with better gas mileage like the Cruze, or a VW Jetta would come out on top as having lower emissions and the Prius emits less CO2 than an EV like the S even if the power plants are natural gas fired.

I wonder if we are jumping the gun on wide spread adoption of EVs and maybe hybrids and small diesels are a better solution?

A hybrid needs a much smaller battery pack and this is less upfront energy investment and you don’t even have to use lithium ion cells lower cost and more durable NiMH cells are good enough.


who would win: 286 lb of coal or 1.3g of uranium


1.3g of uranium would have more energy.


from my calculations they would both be equal but the uranium would be much cleaner to produce energy with


Actually the uranium should have as much energy as 3493.5 kg of coal.

I went by this as my sources.


common storage form: >potato chip, >ham and cheese sandwich


thinking of upgrading parts of my computer

i bought a 240gb ssd

and im thinking of trying liquid cooling, is it worth?


Almost certainly not.

What components do you have, and why do you think you might need liquid cooling?


i don’t know seems cool

the only components i remember are my gtx 1070 graphics card and i5 processor i forgot what my mother board is


You’d typically need liquid cooling if you’re overclocking your components way beyond their normal capabilities.

I think the general rule is that if you’re not sure whether you need liquid cooling, then you don’t need it.


i tried to install the ssd drive and my computer didn’t turn off

so i took it to a computer repair shop and they fixed and installed the drive in

but on the way home the computer tilted and smacked into the inside of the car and now i keep getting prompts that i unplugged and plugged in headphones and my front headphone jack doesnt work

so im pretty sure i have to buy a new case

jk i just had to turn off the prompt


I’m not putting much work into this during weekdays because of lack of time, but has anyone here ever cloned a hard drive to an SSD? My SSD came with cloning software from Acronis but that tool is doing a shit job of everything. I’m thinking of trying out Clonezilla, but Clonezilla mentions on its own website that it can’t clone a larger partition to a smaller one, and I’m not sure whether I have to interpret that as it being unable to clone a 1TB HDD to a 250GB SSD even though the HDD contains only 180GB of content. If that’s the case, that won’t do either. I mean, if all fails, in the end I guess I don’t mind doing a clean install of Windows, but if at all avoidable, I’d prefer not to. I have to say I’m pretty disappointed in Acronis though. They promote their tool as being able to clone bigger partitions to smaller ones. It sounds ideal, but their software is buggy garbage.

[Edit] By the way, this is actually why I’m still Zwarte Piet. All my files are on a backup drive and not on my pc right now.