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Is this the pc flex thread?


It is indeed!

And that’s a gay-looking rig!


It has so many tubes in it. Is it dying? Ahahahhahah

Kidding aside, I find liquid cooling scary O_o



  1. Upgrade to a Xbone controller
  2. Submerge your rig in mineral oil


Restoration of Apollo AGC the computer that guided the spacecraft that took men to the moon and back.


We are on the right track.

With an occasional step backward.


very hippo-crip of a FARTING turtle to be posting about gas emission regulations



methane is destroying the planet!


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The biggest problem as far as vehicles go probably is the loophole that exists for SUVs especially crossovers to get away with truck rules on gas mileage.

The second biggest one is making throw away vehicles as it takes time for a new car to amortize it’s fuel savings to pay off the pollution debt of it’s manufacture.
Interesting natural gas systems and landfills release more CH4 than livestock so I think the vegans can shut the hell up.

What could this mean O_o


My farting days are over Pantsu-ne.

Not at the same magnitude as CO2. It may be more potent, but much much more CO2 is emitted overall.

You would be surprised at how little most ca manufacturers are exploiting the “Tuck Loophole.” The rules are arbitrary and lead to a few exceptions. Most are related to the 4WD and 3rd row seating rules.


  • Hyundai Santa Fe = Car
  • Subaru Forester = Truck
  • FF Equinox = Car
  • 4WD Equinox = Truck

Warning: I could talk about this all day. I did regulations at my previous job.


TIL Tilly keeps a buttplug all the time to avoid farting



I think crossovers are just stupid as it’s not really a SUV, but it also does not carry as much as a mini van either and they often get worse gas mileage than some coupes and sedans with V8s.


Interesting subject are EVs as green as the media claims?
The focuses on Tesla but the issues apply to all EVs ones with brushless DC motors might be worse since most Tesla’s use an AC induction motor which does not need rare earths.


Umm that’s what I’ve been saying all along.


Well it’s not a cut dry yes or no but it is one of those things the issues need to be weighed in on including what the user needs before jumping head long into.
If you don’t deep cycle the batteries often it will last longer.
I have considered building my own EV but it would be used just for short trips vs as my main vehicle and I would be converting an existing chassis.


Last week, I bought a new IDE-SATA adapter. Used it days ago and my PC slowed down.
I tried stuff to speed it up but none worked, except switching back to the OLD adapter.

wtf -_-

Now I’m reinstalling Discord. It slowed at the same time and it could be the adapter’s fault as well.

Yeps. It’s the adapter.
wtf -_-