The Space Thread

is this spacey? looks spacey

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Hmm, unspecified problems for SpaceX dragon launch on Saturday.

Definitely a bummer but I think one of the propellant tanks was damaged during reentry and landing.


Replay of the Spacex Starlink launch.

That satellite deployment is the most kerbal thing I seen in a while.

Sats in orbit.

As far as I can tell they don’t seem to be tumbling so maybe this crazy idea that’s been proposed since 1998 with Teledisc might work.

I’m telling you guise, underground alien bases.

I say hit it with a couple tons of tungsten or something and then study the ejecta.

Might be a bad idea if tiger’s theory is correct

If there was a base of some kind it would likely appear as a region of reduced density vs a mascon as ground that has been hollowed out for a base would be less dense than solid rock.
Plus the various lunar orbiters have detected something giving off heat and out gassing.

implying they wouldn’t be able to mask any readings as it being solid rock

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