The Space Thread



In which we slip the surly bonds of Earth and touch the face of God


How does this make you feel char?

The Random News Thread

Are they getting shit everywhere?


These anti satellite weapon tests are very irresponsible on their part but at least the perigee is lower than the Chinese one so the debris should have a shorter orbital life span.


are we allowed to talk about cuties from cat planet?


Do you think SPACE FORCE will regulate NASA? Make them clean up all that orbiting debris.


DearS was a shitty alien animoo, only good things about it was Neneko and the ED song


The OP is really good too!



you say that because you identify with the theme of being a slave to @kudi


I kept expecting the blue haired one in the video to trip on her own hair while she was dancing.


dont be silly, that’s not how anime hair physics work


the space force will regulate CHINA and INDIA


True; and North Korea. Then, Russia will hack Space Force to [regulate] everyone.


Space music:


Seems today was a pretty busy day in space flight.


Photo of the far side of the Moon from the Beresheet lander.

Also news on Hayabusa 2 bombing an asteroid for science.



Second Falcon Heavy launch went well.

Unfortunately the Israeli Beresheet lander failed just a few miles from the surface of the Moon.


Don’t you mean fortunately?


Why it was a private lander and I been wanting to see a private moon landing even if it’s Israeli.
They did choose to go strait to making a lander vs a lunar orbiter first.
Seems they actually got really close but had issues with the main engine.