The Sankaku Weather Thread

Is it like this?

This doesn’t feel much like spring even to me…

Meanwhile, I’ve been having some nice, normal March weather, with the gentle breezes one expects at this time of year

(thankfully, my house sustained only minor damage)


your dad will promptly fix it, no doubt

He’s afraid of heights tho


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that’s just asinine


The weather was very nice and it actually felt like spring for a change as daffodils came up and a flowering tree was buzzing with bees.

Seems a pissy front came in and it’s been raining all day.

it got cold again and we may get snowy rain (slushy snow) tomorrow


Romans, Sankaku-kun, contrymen hear me out! Trees are blooming. Time to do hanami this year again and think about past decisions. I even bought brand beer and not that cheap soup I usually buy. Also good hanami episode: Azumanga Daioh 19. Strangly melancholic for this show.
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Stupid cold front came through hope this is the last time it happens.

Was a sunny, yet chilly day. Like the sun shone ta fool ya into going out into this cold shit. Made it all the way up to 55 degrees, in fagheight. Needs to just trans into summer already. geez

Getting nice here. Just need some more rain to wash all the pollen away.

it is so beautiful today, sunny and fresh, all the snow has done gone fuck itself and the trees have begun to bloom

spring has sprung

Same. Beautiful day out today. The nasty rain storms coming towards Illinois split and barely missed us. Another 3 days of ballin warm weather. Yippee~

snowing in fucking april with blizzard warning, already after school events got cancelled and we’re hoping for a snow day tomorrow, but then the fucking CMAS testing is happenign this week so they may wing it and have classes anyway.

am likely to take tomorrow and maybe even friday off tho, as I have some hours I gotta use before the school year end, else I’ll lose them, plus I’ve been in the mood to draw and write and would be nice to use a 4 day weekend to do that

The wind blew like crazy today but the other than that the weather was great.

Cold in the morning and hot in the evening, also pollen everywhere. That’s spring time in the south eastern United Sates for ya.

Got up to 18 C today. But it was windy as all hell. Being behind an open farm field certainly did not help any.

it suddenly got HELLA windy, and we may get snow next week


fucking denver weather be doofy af