The Sankaku Weather Thread



almonds or peanuts???


Well I could feel it trying to push my car off the road when I went for a drive so all the nuts.


lol your land barge has sails or something?


You live in California windy there is a nice zephyr.


Umm you haven’t heard about the Santa Ana winds?


What about your nuts?


I have balls of steel (titanium actually).


Ohhhhhhhhhh, catman.


is so heckin nice right meow! around 33RUs, but sunny and with no wind, plus most of the snow has cleared out and so has the mud.

also there’s a woodpecker somewhere in the vicinity and I LOVE that PRRPRRPRPRRRPRR sound they make when they fucking up a tree <3 <3 <3


Damn storms Sunday knocked over several trees and junk. At least the weather is nice and dere for once.
@Pantsuchollo- ya should paint yourself brown and stand naked outside and see if the woodpecker will peck you~~


levi you’re drunk, give homu the keys




it still hasn’t stopped!



It was a decent day out today. Chilly but not really cold. Yard’s still fucked up and wrecked, tho. Cold weather’s heading back in later on this week.