The Sankaku Weather Thread



The hell are you doing here, stalking me?


He’s talking about this Georgia.




I was visiting family.


it snoing and heckin cold


Cold and it’s supposed to snow fucking polar vortexes.


It was actually nice for cold in Chicago.


Was so cold last night had a pipe freeze in the laundry room and had to defrost it I haven’t had that happen in years stuck a heater under the house.


Might be in the last cold snap of the season.


I sure hope I seen the last of the cold snaps of the season as I am sick of them.


its raining snow

goddamn denver goofy twat


if u stay here long enough, you’ll see the snow thunderstorms


The weather was pretty nice today.


Gawd the weathers suppose to be 9 C around here, with more rain on the horizon. Fucking ground is so wet, it’s like a fucking drunk college whore. Dry you shit up, ground!!


fucking same!

most of the snow cleared out yesterday, and today should be warm enough to clear out the rest, or at least dry out the ground a little bit and get all the fucking mud to gtfo


Same here it so wet walking on the grass is like walking on a wet sponge.


Gwah, 13 C today. It woulda been better if it didn’t storm like hell for half the day. Still, quite worried that the roof on my house will end up getting blowed off. :tornado:


Do you have a high quality rain jacket?


is nice to see Levi posting again, is so rare these days, what with him being buried in baby mama farm girl pussy


@_PT-- Nah but I did borrow Hey Zeus¡ 'es technicolour rainjackket.
@Kitanai_Pantsullo-- Lol. just buried in the 60 + hour work weeks and too much alcohol.


Weather was good and clear but the fucking wind was nuts.