The Sankaku Weather Thread



It of hella snowing yo


Supposed to be 80 today. This after the threat of snow last week.


It’s been cold since the last ice storm went through.


Umm no sweetie, climate change is making it warmer.


Weather in Illinois is being super gay. High today is going to be 3 C, and there’s chances of rain/snow/wintery mix. Huu, I’m ready for some spring temps already.


Wet cold and cloudy.
I’m sick of these stupid gray skies.


that sounds like the debut album of your emo band


This is what the sky has looked like for almost a week.


And what’s wrong with that? Don’t you have a comfy hoodie and a rainjacket to enjoy the calming rain outside?


That’s easy for someone who lives in California to say.
Try dealing with it day in and day out.


Wanna trade places??


In England that’s what the sky has looked like since the end of the last ice age.


but what does the syk look like in England ?:3c


Like the normal Syk, but with cum on her face


Today’s high is gunna be around 8 C. Suppose ta be storms rolling in Satur-day, all day long. Illinois has been in a weird battle between Winter-oji san and Spring- imotou-chan.


I know that feeling.


it snowing again but had no plans for the weekend so I an hikkiko so it ok

we’re closing in on 6 inches of snow


Cold and shitty with freezing piss.


Its pretty warm in Georgia. A bit cold at night though


Char Char wanna come to sunny California? :sunglasses: