The Sankaku Weather Thread



Nice and sunny some and all the snow melted.


Was sunni all day, got up to 13.44 C. Didn’t feel like being in that bright shit, camped out inside.


Is 8 C out now, started raining. The weather is going to slide back into winter, starting tomorrow night.


In Floridia

Its raining


The roads are salty and the sky is gray. This’ll be the norm for the next 5 months.


they should lay off the overwatch


Cold and shitty but it’s supposed to warm up later in the week.




It got so cold yesterday it was chilly even inside parts of my house.

I think it needs more insulation and a booster fan in the ducts or better furnace.


It was 35°C today, and it will stay like this for 2 more days ;-;



Yah it’s summer for you right now.


Or maybe you need someone to cuddle with.


Can I cuddle with you, catman?




so jelly ;_;



^^^is that what @kudi’s flacid dick in the summer, looks like?


A moe blob and a kotatsu would be nice.


Do you have a sleeping bag?


it looks like yui fell asleep mid-dicking azunyan, but she dont mind cuz she enjoys yui’s warm floppy chinchin inside her