The Sankaku Weather Thread



Umm are you in Socal right now?


Its damn cold here now, -6.6 C, with up to 2.54 cm of snow. Eh at least its going to be a 3 day weekend for me to hibernate indoors.


it’s snowing

outside right now


better than when it snows inside


That’s cocaine from the heavens.


saint pablo escobar bleseth the landscape


Is -1.667 here. Let’s ban winter already~


according to my weather app, is 25RUs, feels like 15RUs

according to outside my window, it hella snowed overnight :3


It got fucking cold I hate winter.



Insert 20 characters



But autumn over here has been mild so far. I’m very grateful for that.

Pics related, are from an autumn forest walk I went on with family in October.


did you eat that forest strawberry pancake?


I did actually have pancakes lol

But with bacon and syrup.


Nice magic mushroom


Cold as fuck and it snowed.


Been cold and rainy as fuck the past few days.


Perfect weather to watch it ALL BURN DOWN.


The weather here is burning.

Putang ina. Ang ineeeeeet O_o


Cold, and it finally stopped raining.


And done with the mildness. Had to break out the winter coat today and town is enveloped in once of those icy mists. Bah.