The Sankaku Weather Thread



am watching Children Of Men, also am trying to be a more PG-13 pantsu as to not scare the new cumers, now that the forum is a facebook/pornhub amalgamation

also lol thanks for catching my meme-reference


Old. Finally glad to see the forums back. Was 11C today, and blustery. Looks like 2 more days worth of rain coming up again.


yay! Levi is back! welcome back Paul! how’s life? last I remember reading from you you were on like and was going on dates with black baby mamas and such.


Nice to see you again, pantsu~ But I was banned from farmer’s only, after they looked in my internet browser history. Been trying to escape the inbred shitehole of southern IL, and maybe live somewhere warmer. Are you still in the bareback mountains of Colorado?


lol they realized you are a city boye

I’m still in colorado, yes, but is getting too expensive and am not exactly happy with my roommates or my landlady, so am thinking on prolly booking it out of here, not sure where tho. keeping my options open


I woulda thought you were in Cali already, sun tanned and fully transed with a pumpkin spice latte.


much as I wish I was back in Cali, I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford it
not all fully trannied yet, but in waitlist for surgery next year! \o/
and I resent the tanned bit! am already a bean trying to remain olive, tanning/getting darkie is a big no-no


A pissy front came through so now the weather kinda sucks.


Storms are apparently on their way tonight and tomorrow, during election day, lel…


Will that keep the kids from voting?


You mean the “yutes”? Yes, and others low on future time orientation.


Pantsu! I’m so glad you’re still with us!! And it’s great to see everyone else as well


wow look at this thirsty bitch riding dicks and swallowing loads as soon as he walks in, thot alert amirite?

am I glad to be back and to see you, tho?


Don’t be all tsun tsun now…



Nah. She’s projecting.



The weather was shitty this morning but got better later in the day.


‘twas heckin’ windy today


It was really cold today, highs in the 40s and the night temp is gonna be 35. Only gonna get worse throughout the weekend. Craptastic~


Yah the weather often starts to suck about this time a year.