The Sankaku Weather Thread



So, how’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

It just got hecking windy right meow over here and is around 50 degrees (in retard units), tho not cold enough. Last year we had shit winter with barely any snow, hopefully this year will pick up.


Tis cold and rainy down here, in Illinois’s rectum. About 43 F, or 6 C for the civilized folks.
Did not have any kind of fall here, just straight turned into early winter.


yo Levi, are you the old Levi, or a new Levi?


It’s been mostly enjoyable fall weather lately cool but not cold with only some rain.


Edit button not working for you? O_o


It chewed up my picture so I said fuck it.



Cold mornings has finally arrived. I was planning on shaving my hair off, but gonna skip on that for now.


is no shave november tho


It was fucking raining


raining?! IN LONDON!?!?!?

also answer my message ya dingleberry!




I don’t want to get run over by a raghead or get acid thrown in my face by a niggy-noggy-noo!


b-but chips and fish and crisps and wanker and crumpets and marry poppins!


Shave everything?!?!?


Yes! Paipan top! Because my hair is curly O_o


silly geno you’re asian, you have no hair


It was 30°C


is it ever not miserable in Brazil?

and dukeh stop abandoning your oppai loli bride in the butthole of the world and take her to the UK already!


You can get that anywhere with a population less than about 200,000 :3


so you’re saying, that the rain is caused by global warming non-britt fugees?!


I say you can get chips and fish and crisps and wanker and crumpets and marry poppins in towns with a population under 200,000, and you respond with that?

Have you been replaced by Cathy Newman?