The Sankaku Music Thread



dat boi. c’mon tell us~


“This place has gone to hell since I’ve been away”


I’m partially listening to this for the meme.



Partially listen to this one too :3


It kinda reminds me of the Yuru Camp ending. Which is very nice~









We all want to be happy ;_;



Fun fact: All British tanks made after 1945 had the ability to make tea inside, with built in kettles and all that stuff :smiley:

Actually, as a Brit I had to look this up myself. we have a device (take a shot) that allows you to make tea inside of the tank. it’s because whenever we stopped in 1945 for a tea break we got out the tanks and got exposed to enemy snipers and such.
it’s ridiculous, but true

It goes back farther: In WWI, British machine gunners would often fire their water-cooled Vickers guns for the express purpose of using the resulting hot water to make tea. Nothing can get between the British and their tea, not even the threat of imminent death by shelling.






On the heath, there blooms a little flower
and it’s called Erika

Things to note:

The URL has “88” in it

The guns sync up with the drums


And it was beautifully done too.