The Random News Thread



Onagirichocofriendzoned again








I have nothing to do with this, I swear!


If not you, then…

Denis? Are you responsible?


Let me guess, this why they need to import foregin labor?


Catman stop being so woke.


I’m so woke I haven’t slept in years.


which one of you faggots is this?


Normally I would’ve accused Char, but he’s grown and is far less of a beta edgelord fedora incel nowadays, that I don’t feel comfortable doing that.

However, I believe some traditions should be upheld, so amma say it was Char




Oi m8, do ya av a pick up up loicense?


Why do the police in Scotland have a London accent?


That’s a very pantsu response

I hope you understand what that means :3


idk what’chu talkin’bout >///> i didn’t say nuff and dindu nuff


If you didn’t say nothing or do nothing, then you must have done something and said something!

Check mate!




steve buscemi’s waifu deaded :’(


I bet we all knew this would happen since olympics are coming to japan

I read it somewhere else they would also include the h mangas