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In case anyone hadn’t heard about it…


@DOCTORKHANblog what kind of names are “Glenndria” and “LaShirley”?


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Seems the hole in the Soyuz orbital module was what i suspected it was.

Though the crew would not have been in as serious danger as the story states since they have ascent suits and can return to earth.


First close up picture of Ultima Thule.

I think it looks like Rin Shima’s head.


You just copped that from the /sci/ thread. I see you lurking.


You mean this one?


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There are a couple of stories every day like this here.


Apparently my article divided opinion :3


Been seeing that one lol
If they picked the waving Ai pic for the deisgn on purpose, it’s even better.


I liked the comment where someone said Kaguya Luna was driving the bus.


The sound was just crickets.
Are the so called attacks just hysteria or has Cuba weaponize insects?


When was the recording made?

Because if it was made after the Americans went public about their concerns of a sonic attack, it’s pretty useless.

Even the commies wouldn’t be stupid enough to keep using such a weapon after the Americans found out about it.


I don’t think the attacks were real since if I was in their position and wanted to do an attack on some diplomats I’d just introduce some kind of nasty parasite into their water or food as there would be plausible deniability.
They would have certainly thought of this.


That’s true.

A parasite in the water of Cuba wouldn’t really be very suspicious. In fact, you’d be more suspicious if you tested Cuban water and it wasn’t riddled with parasites.

Although now that I think about it, where would the American diplomatic staff get their food and drinking water from? They’d have to be pretty stupid to use a source that the Cuban government could easily adulterate without also poisoning half of Havana.


Pay off the plumber,the maids,the exterminator, or bribe the intern offering to make their college debt disappear.
On that last one Russia has hackers who can make that happen so it wouldn’t even be expensive to do.


First time on this site don’t know if is it fake news or not but that was pretty funny

Ara Ara ~


Mathematician Grigori Perelman (a Jew born in the USSR), who decided the Millennium Prize problem - proved the Poincaré conjecture and refused the prize of one million dollars, “dying alone and in poverty in Russia”.