The Random News Thread



The CIA is still blueballing Trump on releasing the rest of the files.


Another theory the mafia may have been involved as Jack Ruby had ties with them and for a short time they lost out big when US Cuba relations soured.
Though ironically the mafia ended up making even more money than before due to the trade restrictions.


hack nuclear launch codes
launch missiles at saudi arabia

problem solved imo


I’d just EMP the entire middle east and leave it.


but EMPs don’t kill anyone

I think you’re missing the point!


Oh but they will as they would be sent back to the 13th century.


If they’re in the 13th century, they can (and will!) still travel to Europe.

But nuclear ground zero will stay in one place…


Including Israel? Oy vey that’s very antisemetic if you!


It would be unavoidable with using any kind of WMD though EMP would leave the Israelis alive and maybe they would make a steam punk society which would be kinda cool.
Though I’d also EMP Shenzen China and the bay area in California.


It would actually be very avoidable with nukes

They’re less destructive than people think, and the modern trend is towards accuracy.


You’ll still get a sizable EMP unless you blow the nuke up on the ground which would be very wasteful as most of the energy would go into making a crater.


I’m thinking and talking purely about culling power.

In terms of EMP, I actually agree with your targets.

  1. introduce them to fastfood
  2. introduce them to heart disease
  3. have them all get artificial hearts
  4. EMP


Why not just put a bug in the artificial hearts like make them run windows?


not all articifial hearts have an os





Hasta la?


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Wow this is a new level a big brother even for China.

I think we need to EMP China as wow on this one.


Looks like the files don’t have anything important as they have only released a “preview document” so far. You can smell the desperation.