The Random News Thread



The faster California crashes and burns, the faster we can take it back.


Yah sometimes I wonder if that’s the only way to save this world.
Clean it with fire and start over.


Anatoly Moskvin let go home


inb4 conspiracies

neat videos tho


Transformer explosion

Just another filming day for the next Bayformers movie.




height discrimination


What of the meme of women wanting only tall men. WTF is it ladies?


They want to be dominated.


Dominate me, catman.


Fucking manlets.


let the conspiracies begin >:3


What about this one it’s kinda fishy.


Seems a lot of stuff will be entering the public domain for the first time in 20 years midnight.


I wonder what PT has to say about this?



I feel the hackers should dump it as this needs to be public knowledge.


hackers need to do us all a solid and do away with student loans and/or medical debt


I agree on that one heck might as well go as far as sinking the private health insurance companies so the government has no choice but to institute a proper publicly funded healthcare system like every other civilized nation.
Anyone who would defends the status qua on either of those issues in the US is either completely clueless or in on that gravy train.


I think they have nothing and even if they did, they wouldn’t release it. We already have evidence of 9/11 being a big insurance scam so it wouldn’t change anything. 9/11 was too long ago for any truth revealed about it to matter. Just look at the recently released JFK files. They pretty much outline how LBJ and the CIA plotted to kill JFK and no one batted an eye.