The Random News Thread



Australia’s Parliament are complete fucking morons when it comes to technology.
If they implement backdoors in their IT infrastructure they will be quickly found and they will get hacked.


Everything out to kill you in Steveirwinland.


bitch dont you dare take the name of Steve Irwin in vain!!



You shut it. I nicknamed a whole country in his honor.


Especially their government since if they make it where local law enforcement can eavesdrop so will criminals such as scam artists and stalkers.

Seriously their parliament makes Ted Steven’s look tech savy.


your drunken ass using his name brings dishonor to him! and his cow!


I know it’s too early for you at this stage of your transgression, but SUCK COCK.


why would you threaten me with something I enjoy?


Frak. I totally forgot lol

I’ll use choke on a cock from now on.

Ours almost tried that. Then they remembered they’re not giving out cybercrime division enough budget and personnel lol


The cock has AIDS thorns.


Fuck Steve Irwin tbh


Yes. He was fucked lol


Those are fighting words, Nin.


notion to add dislike button


bindi irwin on the other hand, fuck her >:3c


You want to have intercourse with him?


I would’ve let him crikey me down under


There’s also go climb a wall of dicks.

  • Impale yourself on a penis spearhead.


First we had people in silicon valley living in a van in the company parking lot and now it’s happening in Hollywood.
The whole damn state is going to hell in a hand basket.