The Random News Thread



Suspicion: This Tumblr porn ban was done to expand into highly censored China market.


Uoh. This makes sense.


China ruins everything don’t they?


Are you kidding? Seeing all these tumblrfags panic is a true delight!


They should move here!


They wouldn’t last half a day.


Considering how insular the Chinese government is (I think Google had to cede ground to Baidu) I wouldn’t say that’s a good strategy at all.

I think Yahoo is just overreacting to apple’s action on taking tumblr down from their app store and they’re being dumb, per usual


we havent had any -exploding chinese _____- articles in a while


Because it’s harder to get those now ever since China isolated their internet.


/reports you to deterte-senpai for supporting the chingooks


old news from an old hag.


who the old hag? me or duterte?


Yah I miss those.
They were always a good laugh.



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I been expecting this to happen for some time esp since we do have another tech bubble like under Clinton.

Not all bad news the US is now a net oil exporter.


Isn’t this Vegio getting arrested?


@Nin is this normal?


no, 16 year olds typically attend high school.



I don’t think so, but I’m not sure.

[Edit] Turns out the suspect’s name is Bekir E and is her ex boyfriend. It is starting to sound entirely normal now.