The Random News Thread




^ Muslims kill Jews

Also in today’s news: the sky is blue


What’s news the French are finally getting sick of the muzzies shenanigans so maybe they’ll start removing kebabs.


The situation in France is the same as the situation across northern Europe:

Everyone knows what the problem is. But those in power don’t want to say it out loud.


When they’re finally ready I’ll get my muzzie relocator and no it’s not a catapult.


char is all edge and no poi


This is actually one time where I agree with char

Is it one of these?


Oh I was thinking more along the lines of a cargo plane and some shipping containers.
But that could be used to keep them from coming back.




Apps from a Chinese company committing fraud somehow I do not find that surprising at all.


Clean water? No no, we have more pressing matters to attend to.


When time is wated
Focused people lose their will
To fix problems now



Que chiste!








I we should have already returned to the Moon by now.


“They” won’t allow us to venture past LEO. We are quarantined to Earth.


Wow aren’t you depressing.
But really if something is holding us back it’s pretty much dooming our civilization to death as surely as orbital bombardment with nukes as there is no future worth considering we stay a one planet species.
One of the keys to saving the planet is using resources from elsewhere in the solar system.
Maybe if we lived on a planet 10 times larger of course then it may very well be a prison.
Though one of the things that will eventually destroy a civilization is society becoming increasingly regimented as that is clearly an evolutionary dead end.
Other dead ends I see is becoming too dependent on information technology and automation on a planet with a strong magnetosphere orbiting a relatively active star.
I gave things lots of thought and came to the conclusion the tipping point for when a Carrington class CME going from a major inconvenience to death sentence for a civilization is when it switches to autonomous vehicles,having key resources or technology being produced in a few far flung locations, and all data being stored in the cloud encrypted with keys held by a small group.
This is a very brittle state for a civilization to be in.
Perhaps this is one of the great filters that kill a civilization and why SETI has yet to find another civilization.