The Random News Thread



What a disgusting woman.
LOL at Walmart wanting it’s campaign donations back.


Tilly wants economic downturn over a kebab.


nah she just want some of that mormon pussay


Yep, and he wasn’t even a US Citizen or green card holder, just on a journalist visa. This should be treated as a KSA internal affair.



But when Obama did assassinate a US citizen without due process…


Char sucks Obama’s dick for how wonderful he and the democrats are.


his own?

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That too…


It show just how much of a piece of the shit the Chinese government actually is.
I expect to see a civil revolt happen in China it may take a while since they have been oppressed for so long but many have tasted freedom abroad.


Char is a neocon…


Except that those are the rich ones who don’t want to change the status quo. It would be easier to move than revolt if they wanted that freedom.


All Chinese men in foreign countries who aren’t needs dress like hype beast dudebros and the women are frozen in the 90’s.


Rich Chinese bidding up the price is partly why the real estate prices are so insane in many cities.
They are using the market as a means to get their money out of mainland China.
Of course this means they need to sell it to someone willing to pay more or collect enough rent from one before the bubble they helped create bursts.
Which is why this type of market is called the greater fool theory.

When the bottom falls out of the market some will loose their fortunes which would be funny.
But the cities they gentrified will have lost their soul as core residents will have been displaced and ironically since this would include businesses they ran ironically those cites could become an economic dead zone when the boom is over.



Why does this not surprise me?


stop oppressing their culture!! you think is wrong because you view things from an Eurocentric perspective!! they’re a beautiful and rich culture with a religion of peace!!


NASA landed another probe on Mars.


It’s good to know that they can send robots to Mars without destroying them. The last several missions have been successful, but when will they be able to send turtles to Mars?


It may be sooner than you think!