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wahahahaha. The ginger, midget, fembot, whistle blower from the WH returns to work. Guess they’ll have to make everything 4 foot high so she can reach it. Hate for things to be out of reach again for her.



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Now that I think about it, we used to have a Space Thread…


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stole someone’s instagram account!





if you need rescuing from a toilet on your head that’s natural selection and at that point nature should take its course


It is the capitalist way of thinking


til natural selection is a capitalist system


Youtube is a private platform and they can decide who is on it or who is not. Don’t like it? Make your own video platform.


Ok commie…


capitalism negative selection detected



raping a two-year-old girl

True pedophiles can not offend a child



That Notre Dame fire is pretty serious, god damn. Interesting pictures.

The MSNBC reporter sometimes sounds like she’s crying about it though lol


it is really fucking sad

my only wish right now is that it was due to a legit accident like faulty wires or something, and not some dickhead tourist dumping a ziggy or doing it on purpose, it would break my heart

and yes fuck the catholic church and all that, but I have a spot in my heart for old churches and religious architecture, and this is a huge loss



Quasimodo, watch some fucking Disney you uncultured brute!


This is pretty depressing. :frowning: It’s a really important building and has been around for 600+ years.