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what about onanismist?




triggered nin, clearly he a pastafarian


The YouTubers, named as “Thatsbekir” and “Bahar Al Amood” by German media, both denied they were at fault for the brawl in social media posts.


I think we need to put char on suicide watch


more like REEEEEEEEEampage watch


Mueller has been compromised by the Russians, it’s the only explanation. We don’t need his report to know that obstruction happened, I’ve watched TV!


It may clear him of direct collusion with Russia but it does not clear him of obstruction of justice.
The fact he tried to stop the investigation does suggest he has something to hide.
Maybe he’s actually been in collusion with Israel as he has been a little too friendly towards their government.
Why are they the only country to actually receive an increase in aid vs a cut?

As for reelection I doubt it as the economy will enter a downturn soon it’s inevitable and he lost the backing of memes to Yang.

If Trump is smart he’ll step down for 2020 since if he does get reelected he may face Nixon’s fate but without a Ford to pardon him.


Trying to stop a fraudulent investigation is proof of wrong doing?

Okay Char, I accuse you of distributing child pornography. I expect an unobstructed investigation into every facet of your life and of every person you’ve had dealings with and demand you hand over every electronic device and financial records. You have nothing to hide, right?


What about the shit storm of bold faced lies the GOP did against Kerry in 2004 and and the stupid birth certificate thing they did against Obama?
Besides Russia did want Trump to win the election strait from the head bear’s mouth.


remember when kerry’s daughter accidentally her tiddies in that black dress? good times


You know it was the left that started the birther movement? The right just ran with it. And what does GOP in 2004 have to do with Trump?


If you read the report, it also clears him of obstruction of justice, about 2 paragraphs later.


They’re all more or less the same shit heads who backed Chimpy such as Bitch McConnell, Paul the “muppet” Ryan,etc.
Also this happened.


It doesn’t have the same punch for me as it would two years ago.


On another subject looks like an economic downturn is probably heading our way.

This one looks like it could be a rough ride.


Well isn’t this a coat hanger abortion of justice.


But I thought you supported abortions?


End of the Heisei era.


We have to wait until the end of April for it to be official.